High Octane Update now live!

The „High Octane“ update will be live on Steam at 19:00 (GMT+1) tonight! Gear up and get ready for a whole new experience fighting off  the goop-infested green hordes!

DieselStormers High Octane update

You wanted info on the next update? Here you go:

With the “High Octane”-Update (Release: September 26th) you will be able to unlock perks for your Diesel Knights! These perks are permanent advantages that can be purchased with crafting components.
Do you like to hit and run? There are perks that boost your firepower if you don’t shoot all the time, and others that boost your evasive capabilities.
Do you prefer to charge into battle? We have perks that boost your firepower as long as you keep moving or loot dead enemies, and allow you to take more hits.
Do you prefer a subtler approach? Spawn repair kits and extra Arc Energy, or trigger your weapon’s special abilities more often!
Perks stay with you no matter what weapon (and later: armor) you wear. Whenever you choose to upgrade your Diesel Knight with a new perk, you will be offered a random selection to pick from. You can also re-roll already unlocked perks for a lower cost, and slowly craft your knight to a specific build.


DieselStormers Firestorm update

The Firestorm update will be live on Steam at 18.00 (GMT+1) tonight! Get ready for massive firepower!