Something awesome this way comes

In the last months we’ve been hard at work on some awesome and big changes in DieselStörmers. We have evaluated the feedback we’ve gotten from the community and compared it to our original vision of the game. Through this process we identified some parts of the game and game design that could benefit from optimization and change.

So on January, 30th we’re making the result of all those efforts available.

This new version of DieselStörmers will first come as a beta branch, meaning players will be able to play the new as well as the old game, for a while. Once the new version is After a brief period, during which we gather feedback and polish the game, the plan is to switch to the new game version entirely.
New features for DieselStörmers:

  • Repeated shorter, more varied play sessions instead of an endgame grind.
  • A better, more evident sense of progression. Every play through influences subsequent ones. Everything you do counts.
  • The levels just got bigger. No more plain running left to right.
  • A second dimension adds exploration to the game. There isn’t just one way of reaching the goal anymore.  
  • A class system – the one-type-fits-all-störmer is a thing of the past.
  • And more nifty things for you to discover.

Cult-Sisters to be released Next-Gen Consoles

We are very proud to introduce the Giana Sisters to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, just in time for Christmas. The release includes both the award winning main game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, the stand-alone add-on Rise of the Owlverlord in one big Director’s cut version.

That means, you these versions, packed in one game: 

  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord
  • The Christmas Levels
  • The Halloween Levels
  • 38 action-packed levels in 1080p HD graphics and stable 60 FPS

You can buy the Director’s Cut Online on PSN and Xbox Live online for 14,99 €. Release dates are December, 10th for the PS4 version and December, 12th for Xbox One.


Giana Sisters Multiplayer Update... FOR FREE

Ever wanted to play Giana Sisters with your friends? Well now you can.

On Friday, 12/5/2014 we will release an update for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams that will give you a complete new Giana experience. Three levels in local multiplayer mode, Giana Sisters Dream Rush!

Backers who made Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams happen on Kickstarter will be able to play the game before its release in December. Just follow the instructions in our latest update: HERE.