Black Forest Games isn’t your typical start-up company. Formed in 2012, Black Forest Games is a team of 40 highly experienced international talents that can look at a long track record of games within a wide range of genres.

Why is that?

Based on the legacy of Spellbound Entertainment, which has been one of Germany's longest existing independent developers, Black Forest Games employs most of the Spellbound team.

Black Forest Games' strategy is to balance work-for-hire and self-published titles. Our goal is to strengthen own IPs and to establish long-term partnerships with publishers.

All of our products are focused on high visual quality and technical excellence. Team-wise we will keep hiring international talents. The vision is to be one of the most-wanted independent studios.

Shareholders and Core Team

Black Forest Games was founded by the core people of Spellbound Entertainment, lead by the common vision of becoming one of the most wanted independent studios.

Andreas Speer, Managing Director

Andreas is the contact person for publishers, distributors, partners and platform holders. He has more than 10 years of experience in the games industry as Project Manager, Studio Manager and Managing Director, as well as several years of experience in different industries. He holds a degree in Media and Communication.

Adrian Goersch, Managing Director

Adrian is the contact person for everything related to financials and he is responsible for internal structures and processes. He has several years of experience in financial management positions of banks, leasing companies, Vodafone, as well as at Electronic Arts. He holds a degree in Business Studies.

Johannes Conradie, Technical Director

Johan is responsible for the entire programming team and the technologies used. His core strengths are core engine architecture design, rendering technology, shader development, audio and multithreading. He has 8 years of experience in the games industry, has a published IEEE article and holds two degrees in Computer Science.

Jean-Marc Haessig, Creative Director

Jean-Marc is responsible for Game and Art Direction. He has almost 20 years of experience in the games industry and has studied Fine Arts. As co-founder of Spellbound he has been responsible for international successful titles such as Airline Tycoon and Desperados.

Eric Urocki, Technical Art Director

Eric is responsible for the direction of the 3d art team, particle effects, environment sets and lighting, and works in close collaboration with the tech team on rendering techs/shaders. He has 15 years of experience in the games industry and holds a degree in Computer Science.